Best practices from New Zeland in simple and effective pasteur for colostrum. A unique design with insulation and circulator helps to heat water up to a precise and controlled temperature. Can be used for pasteurisation and effective and safe thawing of high-quality colostrum. Antahi Pasteur provides only the best equipment for the healrth of your calves!
Trusti Pasteur

How to use :

1) Simply place the colostrum filled bags (up to 2 x 4 litre capacity) into the water within the Trusti Pasteur, set the temperature to 60 °C and set the time for 60 minutes. When the water reaches 60 °C, the timer will count down.

2) Colostrum must be pasteurised within the Trusti Colostrum bags, never place colostrum directly into the Trusti Pasteur.

3) Use the separator rack to ensure there is even flow of water all around the bags.

4)When pasteurisation is complete, remove the bags and chill the colostrum quickly to prevent replication of any remaining bacteria.

How to use

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